The White House And It’s Pro-Muslim/Anti-Christian Immigration Policy

Bill Hitchcock October 17, 2015 0
The White House And It’s Pro-Muslim/Anti-Christian Immigration Policy

Fair and balanced it is not. The Obama administration has set policy to allow Muslims to immigrate to the United States all the while ignoring the plight of the persecuted Christian.

WH immigration stance – pro-Muslim, anti-Christian?

By Chad Groening (

An immigration enforcement activist is critical of the Obama administration for moving forward with plans to accept thousands of “refugees” from predominantly Muslim countries while denying persecuted Christians the same status.

“The Muslim illegal alien invasion of Europe is absolutely like some type of science fiction film of a grim future that people saw coming,” laments William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. “Large mobs of people [are] just completely overwhelming places in Germany and Italy and Switzerland and Sweden and England – and it’s crazy. So that’s America’s future.”

Indeed, Germany is experiencing the consequences of allowing hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and other Muslim nations into the country. Almost 600,000 migrants have entered Europe’s most prosperous country this year, compelling the German legislature to pass a bill aimed at cutting red tape, speeding up deportations of rejected applicants, and curbing cash benefits.

It angers Gheen that under the Obama administration, only Muslim refugees are being allowed to enter the U.S. – while Christians are being left to face torture and even death at the hands of ISIS and other Islamic terrorists.

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