War On Christians

Bill Hitchcock February 20, 2014 0
War On Christians

christians36 countries around the world are the major offenders. The Muslim religion with its radical Islam is the primary cause of Christian persecution and attack. But the problem is more widespread than some may think. Christians are under siege!

Global War on Christians the ‘Elephant in the Room’

By Gary Lane/Christian Broadcasting Network

Persecution of Christians is rampant all over the globe, especially in the Muslim world but few people are talking about it.

More people around the world embrace Christianity than any other religion and Christians are the most persecuted. They face beatings, imprisonment, and even death.

And it’s not just happening in Islamic countries.

“Radical Islam could fall off the face of the planet tomorrow and Christians would not be safe,” John Allen, author of The Global War on Christians, said.

It’s coming from governments and religious militants seeking to violently advance their radical ideology.

For example, last month in the Buddhist nation of Sri Lanka, a mob led by radical Buddhist monks attacked two Christian prayer centers, smashing windows and destroying bibles.

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