The Temptation Of Christ Part Three: Season

Bill Hitchcock February 5, 2014 0
The Temptation Of Christ Part Three: Season

This is the third and final installment on the three part series entitled, “The Temptation of Christ”. To read the first two articles click on Part One: Time and Part Two: The Lie

“And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season” (Luke 4:13).

The temptation by the Devil was much more than just enticement, to which it truly was. After all, the Devil offered the kingdoms of the world to Jesus. He offered all of the power, fame and benefit they would afford Christ. Superficially the temptation was enticement, an inducement but in reality the temptation was a trial. It was testing the mettle of Christ. The Devil knew He was the Divine but also knew that He was wearing a human, fleshy body susceptible to all sins.

In revealing all of the worldly kingdoms to Jesus the Devil brought Jesus high atop a mountain. Later he would bring him atop “a pinnacle of the temple”. Both symbolic of the heights the Devil could bring Jesus to here on earth. On the mountain Jesus would have all kingdoms and be ruler of all the earth. On the Church steeple was representing Jesus’ earthly rule of a worldly church.

The heights the Devil brought Jesus to were also to be symbolic of the fall from grace if Jesus had accepted his offer.

The Devil’s temptation was revealed to Jesus “in a moment of time”. In a fraction of clock’s tick Jesus was shown all that He was to receive from the Devil. This revelation was instantaneous and immeasurable.

The Temptation

But when the temptation was over the Devil departed for a season.

A season like the four seasons of the year is a measurable time span. Anything timed has a beginning, middle and an end.  The Devil leaving for a “season” denotes his return. But it also shows something else.

The four seasons of the year are a series of events. Each season has a beginning, middle and end. Although we may not know the length of the season, each season has a measurable duration. The seasons occur in order. Summer follows spring and winter follows fall.  The Devil departing, “from him for a season” was putting into place a series of events that must follow in order over a undetermined length of time.

The first season of the Devil was the season of temptation. It ran its course and ended. The next season of the Devil to follow was the season of accusation. What he couldn’t tempt Jesus with he could accuse Jesus with. The very world the Devil offered to Jesus is the very world the Devil turned against Jesus with. It is not by accident or chance that the greatest accusers of Jesus were his very own people.

jesus temptationThe Devil tempted for a season then the Devil accused for a season. Then Jesus determined that, “The hour is come,” for the next seasons. Spring, summer, fall and winter. Temptation, accusation, crucifixion and resurrection.

Summer follows spring and winter follows fall, the season of the cross followed by the season of resurrection.

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