The Very Surprising Truth About The Evangelical Vote

Bill Hitchcock October 17, 2016 0
The Very Surprising Truth About The Evangelical Vote

The Barna Group, a research and surveying organization has just release some extremely fascinating and surprising information about this presidential election and the evangelical vote. Barna says that 40 percent of evangelicals refuse to vote for either Clinton or Trump while 30 percent are currently undecided who to vote for. The Barna Group further adds that one out of eight evangelicals plan on protesting Trump and Clinton by voting for a third party candidate.

The evangelical vote is up for grabs.

“The new Barna survey of 1,023 adults, which included 627 likely voters, identified 16 distinct voter segments that are poised to vote for Trump. Those segments range from large in number to a relatively small niche, but they share a conservative view of politics and a common notion of the appropriate direction for the nation to pursue.”

Read the entire Barna Group report at “The Faith and Ideology of Trump and Clinton Supporters

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