Supreme Court Approval Rating Jump Over Hobby Lobby Decision

Bill Hitchcock July 12, 2014 0
Supreme Court Approval Rating Jump Over Hobby Lobby Decision

Approval ratings for the Supreme Court jumped as the general public learns of the Hobby Lobby decision. In almost a complete reversal in numbers from negative to positive most Americans are in favor of the Supreme Court and their decision.

Supreme Court’s approval numbers rise after Hobby Lobby decision

By: Kirsten Anderson/Life Site

According to a new poll from the Economist and YouGov, the Supreme Court’s choice to side with religious business owners against the Obama administration in last week’s Hobby Lobby case has boosted its image in the eyes of many Americans, especially political independents.

On June 30, the day of the Supreme Court ruling, more Americans viewed the high court negatively than positively, with 43 percent saying they had a poor impression of the court, compared to just 38 percent who said they approved of its performance. But one week later, after news of the ruling spread, those numbers were nearly reversed – 44 percent of the 1000 Americans polled now viewed the court favorably, as opposed to 41 percent who held a negative opinion of the court.

When broken down by political party affiliation, the numbers become even more striking.  On the day of the Hobby Lobby decision, 52 percent of political independents – the so-called “swing voters” politicians must attract to win races in the politically polarized U.S. – held a negative view of the Supreme Court, compared to 32 percent who viewed it favorably.  A week after the decision, those numbers had flipped.  Now, 53 percent say they are pleased with the court’s performance, compared to just 37 percent who expressed displeasure.

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