New Study Shows Religious Beliefs Have Greatest Sway Over Voting Decisions

Bill Hitchcock October 29, 2016 0
New Study Shows Religious Beliefs Have Greatest Sway Over Voting Decisions

Who or what has the greatest influence over a person and how they vote? Is it a political ad? Friends? Family? Political commentators and pundits? Radio/television personalities? Who has most sway over a person when it comes to political ideology and decision making? According to the latest findings from the Barna Group, the top influence is a person’s religious beliefs.

“The survey conducted by Barna asked a nationwide sample of voters to rate the relative personal impact of ten different sources of influence. Yet, the picture is not uniformly rosy for the religious world. While religious beliefs rank on top of the list of influences, pastors rank at the bottom” according to Barna.

The ten sources of influence Barna asked about include religious beliefs, family members, news media, friends, advertising, political commentators on television, political commentators on radio, political commentators on websites, publications and your church’s pastor.

“Barna’s survey finds that none of the ten sources of influence are considered to have “a lot of influence” on who people will support for President by even as few as one out of every five respondents. The top-rated sources of influence are a person’s religious beliefs (18% say that had “a lot of influence”) and family members (10%). The other eight sources examined fall within the five to eight percent range.”

Read the complete report by the Barna Group in their report titled, ‘Religious Beliefs Have Greatest Influence on Voting Decisions


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