Religious composition of adults in North Carolina

Bill Hitchcock January 5, 2016 0
Religious composition of adults in North Carolina

Pew Research Center has just released a fascinating study on the religious landscape in North Carolina. This telling study reveals the religious affiliations, sentiments, ideas and ideals of the state’s citizens.

Some of the topics covered include belief in God, importance of religion in one’s life, attendance at religious services and frequency of prayer.

Some findings even seem to contradict each other such as when asked, “Sources of guidance on right and wrong among adults in North Carolina”. Equal amounts, (41 percent) said religion and common sense. When asked, “Belief in absolute standards for right and wrong” the vast majority responded that it “depends on the situation” as opposed to stating that there was a clear standard (religion).

Many more revealing topics are covered in this Pew Research titled, “Religious composition of adults in North Carolina”. You just may be surprised at what you discover.

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