Must Read Article “Preaching to Ourselves”

Bill Hitchcock September 29, 2013 0
Must Read Article “Preaching to Ourselves”

Preaching to Ourselves. While researching for an article I stumbled across a well written piece entitled, “Preaching to Ourselves”. This very impressive article was written by Joe Thorn back in August of 2012. Preaching to Ourselves is a must read article about repentance, self examination and the need to constantly be in the word through what I’ll call, “self propulsion”.

So what is meant by, “Preaching to Ourselves”?

“By “preaching to ourselves” I mean the discipline of intense Biblical meditation; reading, dwelling on, and applying the truths of Scripture to our own lives that leads to a deepening love of God, hatred of sin, and faith in Jesus Christ.”

preachingBelow are a few excerpts from “Preaching to Ourselves”

“But the reality is, the more important the truth, the more dangerous it is when we drift from it. And we all tend to drift. We forget. So we need to hear, and hear again, the truths we think we already know. Much of preaching to ourselves is telling ourselves things we are already familiar with. Psalm 73 has been a helpful guide for me in this area as it shows us both the motive and method for preaching to ourselves.

In Psalm 73 Asaph is wrestling with what he sees in the world and what he believes. Things are not lining up, and it almost ruins him. Despite his good theology he struggles.”

“As many of you already know your life will push back on your theology, and this is why we need to push back with the truth of God’s word. We need to preach to ourselves. The problem is, when life becomes perplexing or painful we often start listening to ourselves (and our doubts) rather than speaking to ourselves the things we really need to hear. Martyn Lloyd Jones wrote of this in his book, Spiritual Depression.”

To read the entire article which I highly encourage simply click on the title: Preaching To Ourselves

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