Preventing Mistaken View Of The Bible

Bill Hitchcock February 18, 2014 1
Preventing Mistaken View Of The Bible

What do we understand about the Bible? Beyond a few Bible, “stories”, what is known of the Word of God? Knowledge of Bible doctrine and commandments, not Church doctrine and commands is greatly needed. We need people teaching and preaching God and His word along with his precepts and principles. Because when we don’t, people will deviate away from the gospel truth into areas that fit their fancy.

Dan Kimball: Teaching New Generations Theology, Apologetics Can Stop Mistaken Views of Jesus, Church, Bible

By Anugrah Kumar/ The Christian Post


Upcoming generations must be taught theology and apologetics as a priority so they do not end up having a mistaken view of the Bible, the church and Jesus, says Dan Kimball, who leads the teaching and mission ministries at California’s Vintage Faith Church.

“I am convinced that besides prayer, the most important thing we need to focus on with new generations is teaching theology and apologetics,” writes Kimball, author of Adventures in Churchland: Finding Jesus in the Mess of Organized Religion, on his Facebook page.

“Without understanding doctrine and beliefs, everything else can wander into mistaken understandings of the Bible, church, Christianity and even create versions of Jesus that may not align with what we read of Jesus in the Bible,” warns the staff of the Santa Cruz church.

god jesusKimball, who was a leading voice in the beginning years of the Emerging Church movement in the United States, stresses that one’s interactions in relationships, decision-making and many other important things in life are shaped by what she or he believes. “But this all happens in the context of a local church and in community as spiritual formation is not done in isolation.”

The teaching of doctrine and theology cannot be effective unless the leaders live out what they believe and teach it with humility, he adds. “As we teach doctrine and theology it must be done with humility, openness and absolute respect to other ways of looking at more minor doctrines or opinions that fall within historical orthodoxy but may be different than our own.”

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  1. edward piriczky February 19, 2014 at 1:49 PM - Reply

    Some one said ..most people’s theology is derived by what the church at the end of the road teaches. Meaning what was the easiest church to attend. I do not have the answers….but I believe that there is a “Truth” and we should diligently seek it. Every preacher I follow on TV has what I call an “agenda” and they preach their message with power. But their message isn’t always agreed upon by others. I personally feel that we have a responsibility as a Bible believer to know “seek” what is true. During Christmas this year I got into the birth of Jesus and realized that the Star of Bethlehem was actually the Star of Nazareth….Traditions of men pervert the scriptures and stories change as they are told again and again. Their never was a star in the east….It was in the west, the wise men were in the east. and on and on. ED

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