New Political Party Formed Based On Late-term Abortion

Bill Hitchcock July 19, 2014 0
New Political Party Formed Based On Late-term Abortion

Late-term abortion is the basis of a new third political party being formed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. It is being called the Women’s Equality Party and is part and parcel of the Democratic “war on women” message. This new third party will also benefit the governor in that it advantages an odd New York election law that allows a candidate to be nominated by more than one party with all votes from all parties aggregating towards the total.

NY Gov. Cuomo launches new third party to promote late-term abortion

By Ben Johnson/Life Site

ALBANY, NY – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday he would form a new third party in the state centered around his late-term abortion expansion program.

The formation of the Women’s Equality Party, which is designed to further the Democrats’ national “war on women” campaign theme, was announced at a gala on Thursday.

“Even in New York, the birthplace of the women’s rights movement, we’ve felt the impact of the assault of women’s equality when just this year, the New York State Senate refused to act on the Women’s Equality Agenda,” his running mate, State Rep. Kathy Hochul, said at the event. “The new Women’s Equality Party will bring together the strength and power of our state’s women leaders to promote the Women’s Equality Agenda and influence policy and government, inspired by the spirit of Seneca Falls.”

Gov. Cuomo included a version of the bill in his 10-point Women’s Equality Agenda last year, likening late-term abortion to the Bill of Rights. While Republicans agreed with most of its provisions, pro-life legislators said its abortion plank would radically expand late-term abortion by dropping all regulations throughout all nine months of pregnancy, allowing non-physicians to perform abortions, and requiring all hospitals to refer women to abortionists or lose state funding.

The new party takes advantage of a peculiarity in New York state election law that allows candidates to be nominated by more than one party, with all votes counting toward his or her election.

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