Phil Robertson I Am Second

Bill Hitchcock December 4, 2013 0
Phil Robertson I Am Second

I Am Second is a very blunt and very telling testimonial by Phil Robertson and his wife Miss Kay. This half hour television program concentrates on the life before Duck Dynasty, uncovering the sordid past of America’s first family of television.

Phil Robertson

phil robertson miss kayPhil begins to drink heavily. He owns a bar and gets into fights and in trouble with the authorities. Miss Kay who doesn’t drink is forced to be a bar maid. Phil has to hide out in the woods for months because the law is after him.

Miss Kay tells her children, “That’s not your Daddy. That’s the Devil in your Daddy”.

“I would say that the low point was when I ran Miss Kay and the kids off. You’re all alone. No hope. Miserable. That’s when I began to seriously contemplate, Is there a way out of all of this?

Watch, “I Am Second“, the half hour television program that is posted below. Learn of the great struggles the Phil Robertson, Miss Kay and the kids went through and how Christ changed their lives.

I Am Second

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