Pedophile Rights Progressing Towards Gay Rights

Bill Hitchcock July 27, 2013 1
Pedophile Rights Progressing Towards Gay Rights

Pedophile. They said it wouldn’t happen. Back in 1973 when the American Psychiatric Association delisted homosexuality as a mental disorder many feared that the action was in effect opening up Pandora’s Box. Forty years later those concerns are being confirmed.

“Using the same tactics used by “gay” rights activists, pedophiles have begun to seek similar status arguing their desire for children is a sexual orientation no different than heterosexual or homosexuals,” reports Frank Minor of the Northern Colorado Gazette newspaper.

B4U-ACT is a non-profit organization based out of Maryland. Their website touts 30 “credentialed practitioners” that are “willing to provide caring and inviting services to clients who are sexually attracted to minors.”

Pedophile Renamed, “Minor-Attracted People”

pedophileB4U-ACT is attempting to redefine what a pedophile is called. They have created the new term, “minor-attracted people”. Their goal is to break down barriers between pedophiles and health care professionals.

According to the B4U-ACT website, “To do this, it organized a small working group of mental health professionals and minor-attracted adults to identify these barriers, discuss how their elimination would benefit both parties and society in general, and develop plans for interventions to overcome them.”

B4U-ACT is trying to make pedophilia a mainstream sexual orientation issue complete with special “rights” and treatment. They are attempting to change public sentiment of pedophilia by changing public perception, hence the name change to “minor-attracted people”.

“Pedophilia has already been granted protected status by the Federal Government. The Matthew Shephard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act lists “sexual orientation” as a protected class; however, it does not define the term,” reports Pat Dollard with The War Starts Here.

This is how Wikipedia defines Pedophilia:

“As a medical diagnosis, pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in persons 16 years of age or older typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest toward prepubescent children (generally age 11 years or younger, though specific diagnosis criteria for the disorder extends the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13). An adolescent who is 16 years of age or older must be at least five years older than the prepubescent child before the attraction can be diagnosed as pedophilia.”

Ephebophilia is a condition of having sexual desires and interests in adolescents, generally speaking of ages between 13 and 19.

Legitimizing pedophilia has caught the attention and concerns of such powerful and famed broadcasters such as Rush Limbaugh. In January, 2013 Limbaugh warns:

“There is a movement on to normalize pedophilia, and I guarantee you your reaction to that is probably much the same as your reaction when you first heard about gay marriage. What has happened to gay marriage? It’s become normal — and in fact, with certain people in certain demographics it’s the most important issue in terms of who they vote for. So don’t pooh-pooh. There’s a movement to normalize pedophilia. Don’t pooh-pooh it. The people behind it are serious, and you know the left as well as I do. They glom onto something and they don’t let go,” according to the Rush Limbaugh website.

What does the Bible have to say about all of this?   First off, homosexuality is a sin (Romans 1:26-27). Fornication is a sin (1 Corinthians 7:2). Adultery is a sin (Exodus 20:14). Bestiality is a sin (Exodus 22:19)

Some may say that pedophilia is only implied but never expressly forbidden in the Bible. Unquestionably pedophilia will fall under fornication, homosexuality or adultery. But the Apostle Paul addresses it in a more specific manner.

“Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind” (1 Corinthians 6:9)

The word “effeminate” comes from the Greek, “malakos”. It is used in reference to a boy kept for homosexual relationships with a grown man. It is also a name used for a “catamite” which is either a boy or some youth who is in a sexual relationship with a grown man.

The Tactic to be used to Successfully Push the Pedophile Agenda

Joe Carter is the editor for the Gospel Coalition. In his article written January, 2013 titled, “60 Second Summary: Paedophilia: Bringing Dark Desires to Light,” Joe carter brilliantly explains how such a bizarre and radical idea as pedophilia is being pushed into mainstream acceptance.

“In the mid-1990s, the late Joseph P. Overton, proposed the “Overton Window” which describes a “window” in the range of public reactions to ideas in public discourse. All issues fall somewhere along this policy continuum, which can be roughly outlined as: Unthinkable, Radical, Acceptable, Sensible, Popular, Policy. When the window moves or expands, ideas can accordingly become more or less politically acceptable.

In the summer of 2011, I wrote an article for First Things explaining how the Overton model developed to explain adjustments in the political climate and later applied it to how pedophilia would be normalized. The first step—from Unthinkable to Radical—usually occurs when the topic of an academic symposium. We passed this stage several years ago.

The second step—from Radical to Acceptable—often requires the creation and employment of euphemism, such as referring to pedophiles as “minor-attracted persons”, and connecting it to an issue that has already become acceptable, such as the acceptance of wide variety of sexual orientations. As Henley says in his article,

The reclassification of paedophilia as a sexual orientation would, however, play into what [Sarah Goode, a senior lecturer at the University of Winchester] calls “the sexual liberation discourse”, which has existed since the 1970s. “There are a lot of people,” she says, “who say: we outlawed homosexuality, and we were wrong. Perhaps we’re wrong about paedophilia.”

We’re still a long way from pedophilia reaching the “sensible,” “popular,” and “policy” stages. But we’ve already slid further down the slippery-slope of normalizing this crime than most Christians realize. “

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  1. David Cary Hart July 27, 2013 at 6:35 PM - Reply

    Sexual orientation is clearly defined in both science and law. Sexual orientation is the attraction to males, females, neither or both. The hate crimes law most certainly did not define pedophilia as a sexual orientation. The notion that it did is preposterous.Moreover, this article seems to conflate pedophilia with homosexuality. The overwhelming majority of arrests are men for sex with female children. I haven’t the first clue why a rainbow flag is used as a graphic for this absurd polemic.

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