Pastor Views on Presidential Candidates

Bill Hitchcock January 30, 2016 0
Pastor Views on Presidential Candidates

Who is the favorite presidential candidate among Pastors? It isn’t Donald Trump. A recent survey by the Christian based research organization LifeWay shows that Ted Cruz is by far the favorite. But that’s not the complete picture. A whopping 47 percent of the protestant Pastors surveyed said they have not made up their mind yet as to who is their candidate of choice will be.

According to LifeWay, “The phone survey of Protestant pastors was conducted January 8-22, 2016. The calling list was a random sample stratified by church size drawn from a list of all Protestant churches.”

Amongst Republican Pastors 28 percent choose Ted Cruz as their candidate. Amongst Democratic Pastors 38 percent picked Hillary Clinton as their top choice. And amongst Pastors who identified as Independent Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz tied for the top spot at 8 percent each.

To read the complete report titled, “Pastor Views on Presidential Candidates” go to LifeWay

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