Obama Stops Kerry From Instigating “Diplomatic Crisis” in Israel

Bill Hitchcock February 11, 2014 0
Obama Stops Kerry From Instigating “Diplomatic Crisis” in Israel

Report: Obama Nixes Kerry Plan to Impose Peace

Israel Today

Israel‘s Channel 10 News on Sunday reported that US Secretary of State John Kerry was recently prevented by his boss, President Barack Obama, from instigating a diplomatic crisis with Israel in order to impose his new peace framework.

kerry peace obamaAccording to unnamed government sources involved in the ongoing peace talks, Kerry sought Obama‘s permission to impose his peace terms on both Israel and the Palestinians, knowing that the primary resistance would come from the Jewish state.

Obama is said to have determined that now was “not the time” for such a move. As a result, the sources said that Kerry‘s peace initiative has “all but collapsed.”

The White House later issued a statement denying that Obama was no longer supporting Kerry’s efforts.

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