NC Atheist Group Supports Human Abortion and “No Kill’ Cat Shelter

Bill Hitchcock July 31, 2014 1
NC Atheist Group Supports Human Abortion and “No Kill’ Cat Shelter

It is difficult to understand how someone could support the killing of human life but work hard at saving the lives of cats, but that is exactly what Tina Haver Currin from Chapel Hill does. Currin a self described atheist, “cannot fathom anyone being concerned with unborn children”, according to a report by Life Site New.

This woman mocks pro-lifers every week but raises money for ‘no kill’ cat shelter

By Ben Johnson/Life Site News

Tina Haver Currin and her husband, Grayson, have become heroes in the feminist blogosphere for mocking pro-life counselors who oppose abortion. But the feminist couple, who spend their Saturdays holding irreverent signs in the midst of sidewalk counselors in North Carolina, do not approve of killing in every case: They raise money for a no-kill cat shelter and have an abiding concern over “the ethics” of eating meat.

Tina, a “creative strategist” at Myriad Media and former English teaching assistant at UNC-Chapel Hill, is a self-described “atheist” with a penchant for “black metal” – a genre of heavy metal music extolling Satanism, with occasional ties to the neo-Nazi movement. She met her husband, Grayson, through a friend and bonded over their love of similar music.

She says she and Grayson were driving past A Preferred Women’s Health Center, a chain of abortion facilities with an office in Raleigh, in March when the sight of pro-life sidewalk counselors angered them.

After her husband suggested they make their own signs to stage a counterprotest, they took pictures of themselves holding placards with such derisive messages as “Honk if you’re horny” and “Bring back Crystal Pepsi.”

Another sign simply said, “pro-cat.”

Read the entire article about the atheist, abortionist and no kill cat advocates at Life Site News

NOTE: A man called Bill Hitchcock with Refining Truth who identified himself as the husband of Tina Haver Currin, the central figure in this story and demanded a correction to the original post. His telephone number was blocked so we do not know for certain who this gentleman was. We would really like for the man who identified himself as the husband of Tina Haver Currin to call back. We would like to record an interview with him his wife and post here at Refining Truth.

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  1. rationalobservation? August 2, 2014 at 4:10 AM - Reply

    Atheists do not believe in any of the many thousands of gods, god-men, goddesses, demigods and other assorted mythical entities.

    To assert that an atheist is also a “satanist” is mutually exclusive since “satan” is a mythical demigod and an atheist would not be an atheist if he or she believed in such nonsense.

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