Who are Muslims, Catholics, Jews and Evangelicals Voting For?

Bill Hitchcock October 19, 2016 0
Who are Muslims, Catholics, Jews and Evangelicals Voting For?

What religion supports which candidate? The presidential elections are just weeks away. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been vying for the votes from various religions. But have these religions been vying for them? Recent surveys and polls concerning some of the major faiths prove some assumptions true and others very false.

The American Jewish Committee poll released last September, 2016 shows Hillary Clinton defeating Donald Trump 61 percent to 19 percent among Jewish voters.

In October, 2016 press release, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, showed that, “72 percent of Muslim voters said they will vote to elect Hillary Clinton, while 4 percent said they will vote for Donald Trump, 3 percent will vote for Jill Stein, and 2 percent will vote for Gary Johnson.

According to a survey released late last August the Public Opinion Research Institute shows that Hillary Clinton has 55 percent of the Catholic vote while Donald Trump maintains 32 percent.

The Barna Group in their October, 2016 report, “The Faith and Ideology of Trump and Clinton Supporters“ released probably one of the more surprising results in regards to the evangelical vote.

“Although Trump has a huge lead over Clinton among evangelicals, the most noteworthy finding in this regard is that more than four out of ten evangelicals currently refuse to vote for either of those two candidates. Nearly three out of ten are presently undecided, making them the largest block of undecided votes still up for grabs. One out of eight evangelicals plan to protest the quality of the major party candidates by voting for a third-party or independent candidate. This behavior by evangelicals is unique over the course of the last nine election cycles.”

To sum it all up, according to these surveys and polls, Hillary Clinton wins the Muslim, Jewish and Catholic vote. Most surprising is the Evangelical vote. They are not a Donald Trump “lock in” as many assume. It would appear that a large sector of this voting block is either not going to vote at all or cast their vote third party. 30 percent of the Evangelical vote are still undecided.

What is apparent in some of these polls is the effect race and ethnicity played in determining how someone votes. For example in the Public Opinion Research Institute survey showed that 41 percent of white Catholics would vote for Donald Trump while only 13 percent of non-white Catholic voters would.

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