Muslim In Ohio Threatens To Kill School Kids With AK-47

Bill Hitchcock September 1, 2014 0
Muslim In Ohio Threatens To Kill School Kids With AK-47

A Muslim in Ohio threaten to shoot high school kids with an AK-47 over protest of the war between the Muslim terror group Hamas and Israel. Mohammed Shehad telephoned the high school and told school officials he was going to “kill the kids”.

Muslim Man Threatens Shooting Rampage on High School Over Israel/Hamas Conflict

By Garrett Haley/Christian News Network

PICKERINGTON, Ohio – An Ohio high school was placed on lockdown last week after a Muslim man threatened to shoot students with an AK-47 due to the current conflict between Israel and Hamas.

According to police, a man with a heavy accent called Pickerington North High School on Wednesday morning. The man, who identified himself as “Mohammed Shehad,” promised to shoot students at the high school with an AK-47.

“The school received a call [at around 11:15 a.m.] from a male with a heavy accent,” said Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen. “He indicated that he was going to attack Pickerington North due to attacks on Israel and was going to kill the kids and that he had an AK-47 gun.”

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