Michele Bachmann Radio Interview On End Times

Bill Hitchcock October 10, 2013 0
Michele Bachmann Radio Interview On End Times

Listen to the Michele Bachmann radio interview where she discusses Syria, Obamacare and the return of Jesus Christ. Bachman believes we are living during end times!

In addition, the Washington Post released a very provoking statement by Michele Bachman two days ago. The headline read, “Michele Bachmann: Obama administration support of Syrian rebels proves we’re in the end times.”

Michele Bachmann Radio Interview On End Times

michele bachmann end times “[President Barack Obama’s support of Syrian rebels] happened and as of today the United States is willingly, knowingly, intentionally sending arms to terrorists, now what this says to me, I’m a believer in Jesus Christ, as I look at the End Times scripture, this says to me that the leaf is on the fig tree and we are to understand the signs of the times, which is your ministry, we are to understand where we are in God’s end times history. […] And so when we see up is down and right is called wrong, when this is happening, we were told this; that these days would be as the days of Noah. We are seeing that in our time. Yes it gives us fear in some respects because we want the retirement that our parents enjoyed. Well they will, if they know Jesus Christ.”

This statement comes out at the same time that Jan Markell with “Understanding the Times Radio” at OnePlace.com did an interview with Michele Bachmann titles, “Global Birth Pang Alert”.

“Bachmann feels the baton of global leadership has been passed by America to the Mullahs, the Marxist world, and other dark forces. They also discuss the new national nightmare of ObamaCare and the massive invasion of privacy expected. But the focus is on the privilege of being a part of the challenges of this generation that could see Christ’s return. The Bible says that “these things must happen” at the time just prior to His return. We are in a spiritual war and the King of kings will be the victor so this news is not a downer,” according to OnePlace.com.

Listen to this compelling and powerful radio interview with Michele Bachmann. What do you think? Are we in the end times? Post your comments below.

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