Miami, Florida Muslims, “We Are Jihad!” Attack Jewish Cameraman

Bill Hitchcock July 30, 2014 0
Miami, Florida Muslims, “We Are Jihad!” Attack Jewish Cameraman

As frightening as it is, the picture of the Hamas Muslim is not from the Middle East but downtown Miami, Florida. In what was billed as a show of solidarity in hopes of ending the Gaza war turned out to be quite different. A recent rally in Miami, Florida sponsored by Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) turned into shouts of “We are Jihad”, “Allahu Akbar!”, “Allah is great!” and “There is no god but Allah!”

A cameraman at the event received death threats once it was discovered he was Jewish. Watch the video below.

‘We Are Jihad!’: Miami Muslims Take to Streets Chanting in Support of Hamas, Allah

By Heather Clark/Christian News Network

MIAMI – A recent rally in Florida that was meant to show solidarity in urging an end to the war in Gaza became filled with Islamic chants in support of Hamas, Allah and Muslim jihad, reports state.

“Stop the bombing—Stop the killing—Free Palestine,” read a flyer announcing the demonstration, which was held on July 20th in Miami. Sponsors of the event included the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Florida, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the American Muslim Association of North America, American Muslims for Emergency & Relief and the American Muslims Foundation, among others.

While the event was filled with signs and chants such as “No more killing; no more war” and “Stop killing our children,” video footage of the event also shows participants being led in Islamic chants in Arabic, as well as other English sentiments in support of Hamas.

“Allahu Akbar!” the group chanted, and “La illaha illallah,” meaning “Allah is great!” and “There is no god but Allah!”

“Jaysh Muhammad sa-ya ‘ud!” and “Wa’sh-shahid habib-ullah!” their voices rang out, declaring “Muhammad’s army will return” and “The martyr is Allah’s love.”

Other chants were in English, such as “We are jihad!” and “We are Hamas!”

One videographer was allegedly met with death threats and profanity when it was discovered that he was Jewish.

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Watch the video of the event below.

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