Marco Rubio Gives Classic Response To Atheist About Being “Pastor In Chief”.

Bill Hitchcock January 22, 2016 0
Marco Rubio Gives Classic Response To Atheist About Being “Pastor In Chief”.

Presidential candidate Marco Rubio was asked by an atheist if he was not campaigning to be “Pastor-in-Chief”. The response Rubio gave needs to be heard by everyone. He addresses the very heart of Christianity and the gift and purpose of the great commission.

Rubio to Atheist: ‘You Should Hope My Faith Influences Me, Here’s Why’ (Video)

Christian Post

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio told an atheist in the audience that he won’t be “forced” to stop talking about his faith on the campaign trail and argued that atheists should want his faith to influence his decisions.

During Rubio’s Monday town hall meeting in Waverly, Iowa, an atheist attendee named Justin Scott, a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation who also runs his own YouTube channel, commented during a question and answer session on Rubio’s recent campaign ad that simply features Rubio talking about how he follows his faith and that his goal is to live alongside God for eternity.

Scott argued that it seems like Rubio, who is Catholic, is more interested in running for “Pastor-in-Chief” rather than Commander-in-Chief and then asked Rubio how he would defend the rights of nontheists if he is elected president in 2016.

Read the classic response Marco Rubio gave at the Christian Post

Watch the video of the event and Marco Rubio with his response to the atheist below.


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