The Lord Is My Portion

Bill Hitchcock February 2, 2014 0
The Lord Is My Portion

“Thou art my portion, O Lord: I have said that I would keep thy words” (Psalms 119:57)

Nothing could be more powerful than to shout, proclaim and believe, “Thou art my portion, O Lord”! We all too often get caught up in the quest of God’s benefits and not God himself. We first go to God in need. We have a problem that is too big for us so we turn to God. Sometimes we go to God out of want disguised as a need, so we turn to God.

god lordBut how often do we realize that solutions to our problems are just the benefit of our relationship with God? The closer we grow to Him the more the benefit. And the benefit isn’t usually in the form of material gain or even problem solution. The benefit is the moving away from sin and its’ benefits. The end result of sin is death. God is nothing if not life here and ever after.

We live life with our portion being sin. Once we realize God and start our relationship with him we start to move away from our sin portion to the mercy, grace and beauty of our portion with the Lord.

The scripture was originally written, “My portion, O Lord”. The “Thou art” was added by translators. How more appropriate of a proclamation is that! Shout, “My Portion”! Shout, “My Portion Is the Lord” whenever adversity strikes! Shout, “My Portion Is the Lord” whenever temptation comes knocking at your door. My portion O Lord should be the answer to why we believe, why we are Christians, why we exist!

Our testament to God, our testimony to the world is that we “would keep thy words”. Only when buried within our hearts are Gods precepts, ways and words can we move towards Him. Only with God within can we shout God without. Mere words empty of the Lord are nothing but “vain Janglings”. They are powerless of God, impressing the world but of no benefit except as wind in the sails of sin with the final port in Hell.

Thou art my portion, O Lord! God is the benefit! God is the buckler and defender! God is our peace and salvation!

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Bill Hitchcock

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