Las Vegas Massacre: Reverend Graham Speaks Out

Bill Hitchcock October 6, 2017 0
Las Vegas Massacre: Reverend Graham Speaks Out

Reverend Franklin Graham made it crystal clear in a recent Facebook posting that the Las Vegas massacre is proof that, “Our nation is in trouble” and, “Evil exists in the world today”

“Graham went on to say that the kind of violence and evil on display in Las Vegas earlier this week is indicative of a generation that has turned its back on God”. H/T Christian Headlines

Reverend Graham also criticized Hillary Clinton for trying to score political points and attempting to leverage the horrible incident for her own advantage and praised the president for his efforts.

“Hillary immediately—and ineffectively—tried to make it about gun control, her agenda. President Trump brought comfort from God’s Word and pointed America to the importance of prayer. I’m thankful millions noticed the difference.” H/T Facebook

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