Jewish Exodus Back To Israel Due To Muslim Violence

Bill Hitchcock August 6, 2015 0
Jewish Exodus Back To Israel Due To Muslim Violence

There has been a great exodus of Jews to Israel. Places like France have been seeing increased attacks by Muslims on Jews, forcing the Jewish population to return to the homeland.

The great exodus to Israel, part deux

Michael F. Haverluck (

Due to increased Islamic anti-Semitic attacks in France, the Mediterranean nation boasting the world’s third-largest Jewish population became Israel’s number-one source of immigrants last year.

In 2014, a record-breaking 7,200 French Jews immigrated to Israel from France — twice as many as the previous year. Their favorite destination? The city of Natanya. Last year, 2,000 French Jews relocated to this chic Israeli seaside town where more French is spoken than Hebrew.

Enough is enough

With anti-Semitism being nothing new across the globe, what became the tipping point for the latest wave of the Jewish diaspora from France? One French Jew — whose children attended the school across from the kosher supermarket that was attacked by the Muslim militants connected to the Charlie Hebdo massacre — says she couldn’t deal with the constant threats any longer.

“We had become paranoid,” said 33-year-old mother of two, Fanny Rhoum, according to The Associated Press. “Every event brought our departure closer.”

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