Hobby Lobby Raises Minimum Wage To $14.50 an Hour

Bill Hitchcock July 5, 2014 0
Hobby Lobby Raises Minimum Wage To $14.50 an Hour

Hobby Lobby, the Christian owned and operated retail chain, fresh off of its victory over Obamacare mandate has now set a new standard for its employees. Effective immediately the new minimum wage for full time employees is $14.50 an hour and $9.50 an hour for part time employees. This pay hike was motivated strictly by Hobby Lobby, it was done on their own accord, without government intrusion or intervention by any outside source.

Hobby Lobby Raises Minimum Wage to $14: What Happens When Govt Doesn’t Tie Businesses’ Hands

By: Alex Kocman/Charisma News

Hobby Lobby CEO David Green is committed to trying to run his business the way Jesus might have.

After a massive victory for religious freedom at the Supreme Court on Monday, Christian-owned arts and crafts giant Hobby Lobby has announced that its minimum wage for full-time hourly workers will be raised to $14.50 per hour.

Effective immediately, the announcement also entails that part-time hourly workers  receive $9.50 per hour.

Given the track record of Green’s retail chain, the wage increase is not incredibly dramatic. In 2012, the retailer was already paying full-time employees $13 per hour while part-timers earned $9.

The national minimum wage is $7.25.

Such an announcement sends a clear message to progressives: allow people to handle their own money, and they will invest it in ways no government bureaucrat could have planned.

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