Is a Handy Kindle A Substitute For a Holy Bible?

Bill Hitchcock July 16, 2014 0
Is a Handy Kindle A Substitute For a Holy Bible?

It is the age of technology. Just about everything in print is online or in some digital format. But has this new age of technology gone too far? Is it OK to substitute a Holy Bible with a handy Kindle for solemn events and sacred ceremonies?

Is A Digital Bible Less Holy? U.S. Officials Increasingly Sworn In On Tablets Hillary Vaughn

(“Fox News Latino,” July 14, 2014)

Worldwide Religious News

It was called the wave of the future – the recently tapped U.S. ambassador to Switzerland was sworn in last month with her hand not on a paper Bible but on top of a Kindle.

Techies called it revolutionary and applauded Suzi Levine for making history. But she wasn’t the only one who went high-tech when she took the oath of office. A county executive from Long Island, N.Y., used the Bible app on an iPad to be sworn in last year and a few months ago a group of firefighters from New Jersey huddled around a Kindle Bible when they took their oath.

But the movement has drawn concern from some in the religious community who are reluctant to accept officials choosing tablets over the printed Bible.

“There is an inherent respect given to the print version of the Bible that doesn’t attach itself to a Kindle or the iPad,” Donald Whitney, a professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, told Fox News Latino. “Because the Bible is nothing else. It is a holy book to Christians and it is the Word of God. If you have a digital device it may contain the Bible but it also contains other things.”

Whitney says that he personally uses digital resources from time to time, but that choosing to use a tablet for an oath of office sends a different message.

Read the entire article about a digital Bible such as a Kindle and whether or not it is less Holy than the real thing at Worldwide Religious News.

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