Hamas Forcing Gazans to Act As Human Shields

Bill Hitchcock July 13, 2014 0
Hamas Forcing Gazans to Act As Human Shields

Hamas, the Muslim terrorist group and ruling party of the Palestinian Parliament has been insisting the residents of Gaza stay in their homes and act as human shields even after being warned by Israel of incoming bombs. The Israeli military and government routinely warn targets as much as 10 minutes in advance of bombing in an attempt to minimize collateral damage. The Israeli air force also drops leaflets and flyers into entire communities forewarning the citizens of pending strikes.

In addition, the Israeli people have been sending aid and food to the Palestinians during this most recent battle.

Hamas Insists Gazans Remain at Home as Human Shields

Ryan Jones/Israel Today

Hamas on Thursday issued a veiled command for the residents of Gaza to ignore Israeli warnings of impending aerial strikes and to remain in their homes as human shields.

Israel routinely warns Palestinians, even targeted terrorist leaders, of planned strikes on their homes at least 5–10 minutes before the bombs actually fall. Most often, these warnings come in the form of a telephone call or a “knock on the roof” using low-impact mortar shells.

The reason homes are targeted is because Hamas typically hides its weapons in and launches its attacks from nearby civilian population centers. Additionally, Israel has been bombing the homes of senior Hamas officials, arguing that these locations have become terrorist command and control centers.

The latest Hamas directive came in the form of a request that Gazans not “cooperate” with Israel by paying heed to the advanced warnings.

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