Group Encourages NC Gov. Pat McCrory to Defend Gay Marriage Ban

Bill Hitchcock July 16, 2014 0
Group Encourages NC Gov. Pat McCrory to Defend Gay Marriage Ban

An organization of Pastors and Churches are encouraging NC Governor Pat McCrory to defend the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Approximately 30 people with the North Carolina Pastors Network gathered on steps of the old Capitol building this past Tuesday to petition the governor to defend the amendment. Recently there have been several lawsuits from gay married couples in an attempt to challenge the amendment that was overwhelming voted into law by the North Carolina citizens,

North Carolina pastors rally, call on Gov. Pat McCrory to support state’s gay marriage ban


RALEIGH, N.C. — Pastors on Tuesday called on North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory to defend that state’s constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in the face of lawsuits from same-sex couples in the state and around the country.

When McCrory ran for governor in 2012, he supported the state amendment that defined marriage as between a man and woman. But the socially moderate Republican governor has said little on recent lawsuits challenging the ban.

On the steps of the old Capitol building, about 30 people from the North Carolina Pastors Network rallied. The group referred to rulings that have overturned gay marriage bans across the country as judicial tyranny.

The group is also sending McCrory a petition asking him to use his executive powers to defend the amendment that was approved by 61 percent of voters in 2012.

Since then, several same sex-couples have sued in North Carolina.

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