Gambling In North Carolina Grows. Is It A Sin?

Bill Hitchcock February 26, 2014 1
Gambling In North Carolina Grows. Is It A Sin?

bible gamblingGambling and casinos continue to grow in North Carolina. Casinos are growing right in the midst of the home of one of the world’s most famous ministers, Reverend Billy Graham. But is gambling a sin? What does the Bible have to say about the growth and expansion of gambling in the tar heel state?

NC Cherokees and New Casino: Gambling and What the Bible Has to Say About It

By Rev. Mark H. Creech, Christian Post Columnist

One of the most trusted men in America once expressed the way he saw the danger of gambling to our nation. In the program, “The Dice are Loaded,” Walter Cronkite indicated that the collapse of moral resistance against gambling is among the worst things that could happen in the United States. Cronkite argued that he believed it is the destruction of “who we are as Americans.” [1]

Those words came to mind this week when I read the news stories about the Eastern Band of Cherokee officially breaking ground for their second casino near Murphy, North Carolina.

The new casino will be hailed as Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino & Hotel. It will have all the bells and whistles of a full-fledged Las Vegas style casino, featuring hundreds of slot machines and dozens of table games.

Gambling continues to threaten to swallow up the Tar Heel state. Its proponents are constantly pushing North Carolina lawmakers to loosen its resistance to the industry. The first casino in Cherokee opened in November of 1997, largely forced upon the state by the federal courts. Then in 2005, North Carolina enacted a state-operated lottery. In 2011, Governor Beverly Perdue amended the compact with the Cherokee to allow for Class III gaming (Las Vegas style) and add two more casinos on reservation lands. All the while, the state has been back and forth with Video Poker and Sweepstakes Parlors, eventually deciding to outlaw them. But the push never stops for more, more, more…to bring back Sweepstakes and now to strike a new compact with the Catawba Indians for another casino in Kings Mountain.

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  1. edward piriczky February 26, 2014 at 10:50 PM - Reply

    I remember when there were slot machines in NC. I remember the old Dog Racing track out side of Morehead. All these things done away with for a reason. The churches,for the good of mankind, basicly lobbied them out of existence . The problem with gambling is that human beings don’t have the strength or will power to limit their participation and fall into a cycle of abuse. It is no different that any other vice. I don’t think that liquor by the drink has increased alcohol consumption in NC. (LBD in NC has only been legal about40 years) but I don’t know. We have a lottery….that surprised me because it was said that it would never happen. You cannot legislate morality. Because we are sinners we tend to do those things that are morally wrong.

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