Gallup Poll Shows How Religious Determines Political Party

Bill Hitchcock July 28, 2014 0
Gallup Poll Shows How Religious Determines Political Party

Would it surprise anyone that the more religious someone was the greater the chance they would be a Republican? Or conversely, the less religious a person was the more likely they are to be a Democrat? God and politics, no matter how much the irreligious want to separate the two it has been discovered by Gallup Polling that religion is the number one determining factor of political affiliation.

Very religious still lean toward GOP, reflecting long-term patterns, Gallup poll shows

By Tom Howell Jr./The Washington Times

Religious and party identity remain linked, with very religious Americans much more likely to identify with the Republican Party than the Democratic side, a Gallup poll said.

The pollsters looked at the 41 percent of Americans who consider religion an important part of their daily lives and attend religious services regularly; the 30 percent of “nonreligious” Americans who feel the opposite way and seldom or never attend services; and the 29 percent who are “moderately religious.”

They found nonreligious Americans have been the most closely aligned with the Democrat Party of all three groups, while moderately religious people also tilted Democrat.

About half of the very religious group identity with or lean toward the Republican Party, whereas only 29 percent of the nonreligious group prefer the GOP.

“With few exceptions, Americans’ religiousness remains a major predictor of their political orientation,” Gallup found.

Read the complete story about the Gallup Poll and how religious belief and party affiliate parallel each other at The Washington Times.

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