Free Online Harvard Bible Course Huge Success

Bill Hitchcock February 5, 2014 0
Free Online Harvard Bible Course Huge Success

News! Tens of thousands of people have signed and started using a free online bible study course taught by Harvard. The focus of the study is the letters of the Apostle Paul. Anyone can sign up!

Harvard Bible Course on Pauline Letters Generates Global Interest

By: Waithera Junghae/Christian News Network

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – A Harvard Bible course about the Pauline letters has generated huge interest, with thousands registering to take the course from all over the world.

The Harvard Bible edX course entitled Early Christianity: The Letters of Paul has drawn 22,000 students from more than 100 countries around the world—and the number is still growing.

Laura Nasrallah, professor of New Testament and Early Christianity and course instructor, told the Huffington Post in an email that she was pleased with the interest the course had generated and that Paul was proving to be more popular than famous people.

“The day the course was launched was astonishing—like drinking from a fire hose,” she said. “The edX discussion threads couldn’t handle the amount of people who were commenting, and crashed and slowed down. More people participated on Poetry Genius that day than ever before; the apostle Paul beat out Beyoncé.”

Reflecting on why the biblical letters still have significance in the world now, Nasrallah said in a video to promote the course that the letters penned by Paul answered incredibly important moral issues that face our world today.

“They are in part a set of texts today that define people’s stance on moral issues; what about abortion, what about gay rights, what about women in leadership in religious communities?” she asked. “These letters still have a power today.”

bible studyThe course, which began last week, attracted 22,000 students across 180 countries. More than 14,000 of those students accessed the software, spending a total of 2,822 hours on the course so far (201 days).

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