New Film Release “When God Left the Building”. Previews Look Promising

Bill Hitchcock July 26, 2014 0
New Film Release “When God Left the Building”. Previews Look Promising

When God Left the Building is a new documentary film revealing not only the fall in church attendance across America but delves into the condition of this country’s spiraling spiritual condition. This new film set for screening in August was in production for several years capturing the very essence of the fall of the church in our society. Is it all gloom and doom? No! Watch the preview trailer to the film to find out more.

When God Left the Building

A new documentary film that reveals the decline of the American church focuses on the spiritual climate in the United States.

The film, titled “When God Left the Building,” will be screened August 5 at the Woodbridge Cineplex Theater in Irvine, California. The film’s director, Thom Schultz, will accompany the film and lead a live talk-back session following the screening.

“The American church as we know it is dying,” Schultz said. “What was once the heart and soul of the community is going away.”

“The majority of churches across the country are either stuck or in a state of decline,” Schultz said. “Weekly church attendance has dropped to 20 percent of the population, and this trend has resulted in the closing of 4,000 churches per year.”

Filmmakers spent three years documenting a church that saw its attendance plunge by 90 percent. “It was a heart-wrenching mash-up of societal upheaval, spiritual confusion and human conflict,” Schultz said.

The film also looks at America’s megachurch phenomenon, including a visit to Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. Saddleback pastor Rick Warren said, “We will either have a breakthrough or a breakdown. We’ll either have a third spiritual awakening or America will continue in the slow decline of spirituality.”

The film also features Red Eye, an unconventional Hollywood-based outreach. Red Eye is known for its humanitarian work in Los Angeles’ low income neighborhoods.

A preview of the film is available at

Tickets to the 7 p.m. film screening on August 5 are available at and at the Woodbridge Cineplex Theater the day of the film.

The film was produced by Group Productions, a Colorado-based media company.

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