Have False Teachings Overtaken The Church?

Bill Hitchcock September 30, 2017 0
Have False Teachings Overtaken The Church?

A simple fact so clearly stated. A warning bell ringing loud and clear.

“Churches must return to teaching the Bible, not simply telling congregants about it in three neatly alliterated sermon points. We must teach them to think critically about the text, employ time-honored interpretation, and reference reliable measures of orthodoxy. We must give them a bigger God.”

In the article, “Think Fake News Is Scary? Try False Teaching”, the very simple point of Biblical misrepresentations and misconceptions is brought to light. For example, the article highlights some of the following Biblical untruths that are being taught as Biblical realities.

“If you pray with enough faith, God will grant whatever you ask. You can earn God’s favor through good works. Sickness and trials are the result of your personal sin. God wants you to be happy, so do what makes you happy. You can’t lose your salvation, so live as you please. You can lose your salvation, so you better not sin.”

Read this spot on, timely and illuminating article. “Think Fake News Is Scary? Try False Teaching

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