Church Congregations Are Politically Hungry

Bill Hitchcock September 15, 2015 0
Church Congregations Are Politically Hungry

Church congregations are hungry for political information when it comes to elections. They are also hungry to learn how election matters and spiritual matters relate to each other. But are the Pastors filling the need?

Survey shows disconnect between pastors, congregations

By Bill Bumpas/One News Now

An evangelical pollster has conducted a national survey of spiritually active Christian conservatives to find out what role they want their churches to play in the 2016 elections.

“More than six out of ten conservative Christians said that they want their church to be more active in the upcoming election than they had been in the past couple of election cycles,” the principal researcher of this study, George Barna, executive director of the American Culture and Faith Institute, tells OneNewsNow. “And two out of three of them (67 percent) said that they want their church to provide them with more information – more Biblical teachings – about the issues that are so important in this election.”

And what are those issues?

“The ones that rated at the top of the list were issues like abortions and religious freedom and persecution, sexual identity issues and same-sex marriage, how to think about and respond to Israel, poverty, (and) cultural restoration,” Barna details.

Read the entire article about Pastors and their congregations at One News Now.


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