Church Attendance Down But Those Who Pray Are Up

Bill Hitchcock March 9, 2015 0
Church Attendance Down But Those Who Pray Are Up

People who attend Church on a regular basis is down. Those affiliated with an organized religion is down too. But the number of people who pray is up. Why?

Why more, not fewer, people pray

Despite record declines in religious affiliation, more Americans pray than 30 years ago. Why? Researchers say those who pray find prayer brings spiritual meaning and understanding.

Christian Science Monitor

As they have for decades, tens of thousands of Christians around the globe and of different denominations gathered March 6 for the annual, ecumenical “World Day of Prayer.” The event, which this year focused on the meaning of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet, drew little media attention. But so, too, do many other aspects of prayer.

Take this little-noticed trend in the United States: Even though church attendance and religious affiliation have reached record lows, the percentage of people who pray at least once a day has actually gone up – from 54 to 57 percent – over the past three decades, according to the 2014 General Social Survey, which is funded mainly by the National Science Foundation. About 3 out of 4 Americans pray at least once a week.

“The stability of prayer contrasts sharply with erosion on other measures of religious commitment,” commented the Washington Post in reporting the survey’s results. Even among young people, or the Millennials who have been far less church-oriented than their parents were at the same age, praying remains almost as frequent in their lives as older people.

Another 2014 survey, done by the Christian group Lifeway Research, found about two-thirds of Americans say they pray at least once a month. More than a third of those who pray say they pray for their enemies or those who have mistreated them.

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