Christians and the NFL. You’re Censored!

Bill Hitchcock September 22, 2015 0
Christians and the NFL. You’re Censored!

Why is network television avoiding anything Christian and NFL? NBC censored players from the Patriot’s and the Steelers gathered together in prayer during heavy rain. Why?

Christians Not Wanted: NBC Censors Rain-Soaked Patriots Prayer after NFL Opener

By Dylan Gwinn/MRC

One of television’s most sacred and central responsibilities is making sure they only display images that are “right and appropriate” for the viewing public to consume. Yet, judging by NBC’s decision to not show the post-game prayer gathering of players on the field after the Patriots’ 28-21 victory over the Steelers in the Thursday night Kickoff Special, NBC clearly believes public displays of the Christian faith are not suitable for all audiences. It isn’t as if the prayer didn’t happen. Despite the heavy downpour, members of the Patriots and some of their coaching staff knelt and bowed their heads. MRCTV’s Eric Scheiner and Dan Joseph were at the game and captured it on video:

NBC, however, immediately cut to commercial and didn’t show the prayer thereafter. But why? The sports media constantly bemoans the violence and brutality of football, plus all the criminal and sometimes tragic off-the-field issues involving players. Why wouldn’t they want to show a peaceful –and predictable (prayers happen after most games and usually involve members of both teams) – moment where players aren’t hurting others or themselves, and giving thanks? Especially, when the post-game prayer has its roots in opposition to violence?

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