Christian Baker Willing To Go To Jail Over A Cake

Bill Hitchcock August 14, 2015 0
Christian Baker Willing To Go To Jail Over A Cake

A Colorado Appeals Court has ruled that Christians have no right to refuse or decline making a cake for homosexuals that causes them to participate in their gay wedding. This ruling comes in wake of Christian business owner and cake maker Jack C. Phillips who refused to make a cake for a homosexual couple. He offered other products to them but was declined. The homosexual couple then went on and sued Phillips for discrimination for not creating the cake they wanted.

BREAKING: Court rules Christian baker cannot refuse to make wedding cake for gay ‘marriage’

By Ben Johnson/ Life Site

DENVER, August 13, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Christian business owners have no right to decline to participate in a same-sex “wedding”, no matter what their religion teaches, a court has ruled.

A three-judge panel of the Colorado Appeals Court ruled against Jack C. Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in suburban Denver.

In July 2012, Phillips refused to sell a “wedding” cake to Charlie Craig and David Mullins, citing his religious beliefs and the fact that the state of Colorado did not recognize gay “weddings” as legal. He offered to sell them any other baked goods.

Instead, the homosexuals sued, saying that being denied a cake from the vendor of their choice was “offensive and dehumanizing.”

A lower court judge had ruled that Phillips violated the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA), which bars discrimination based on sexual preference.

Since being ordered to use his artistic talents for same-sex “weddings”, Phillips has stopped making all wedding cakes, a decision that he says has cost him 40 percent of his business revenue.

He has also made it clear that he is willing to go to jail, or be forced to shut down his business, rather than go against his beliefs.

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