Chase Bank Survey’s Employees, Are You Gay Friendly?

Bill Hitchcock July 7, 2014 0
Chase Bank Survey’s Employees, Are You Gay Friendly?

A Professor at Princeton claims that an unnamed employee at Chase Bank revealed to him an internal company survey at JP Morgan Chase bank asking if the employees were “an ally of the LGBT community”. Chase Bank has been historically “gay friendly” and the reason for this employee survey is yet unknown.

Chase bank surveys workers to see if they’re ‘ally of the LGBT community’

By: Cheryl K. Chumley/The Washington Times

A JP Morgan Chase bank employee says he’s not only puzzled by an internal company survey that asked workers if they considered themselves friend of the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender community — he’s fearful of losing his job.

The unnamed employee reported to Professor Robert George of Princeton, who runs a law blog, that this year’s company survey — which is distributed to employees annually as a means of gauging work satisfaction — asked respondents to note if they were disabled, had children or spouses and domestic spouses with disabilities and were members of the LGBT community, Breitbart reported.

But the last question was the most controversial. It read, Breitbart reported: “Are you … an ally of the LGBT community, but not personally identifying as LGBT?”

The employee said he feared that answering no could open him up to charges of discrimination that could negatively impact his employment.

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