Chambers Dictionary Redefines Marriage To be Gender-Neutral

Bill Hitchcock July 31, 2014 0
Chambers Dictionary Redefines Marriage To be Gender-Neutral

A well established and respected dictionary has just changed their definition of Marriage. The Chambers Dictionary, with its first publication dating back to 1872 now defines marriage to be gender-neutral.

Marriage now gender-neutral in Chambers Dictionary

The Christian Institute

Marriage has been redefined to be gender-neutral in the 13th edition of Chambers Dictionary.

The dictionary now describes the institution as, “the ceremony, act or contract by which two people become married to each other”.

The dictionary, first published in 1872, has also changed its definitions of husband and wife in order to reflect the change in the law.


Husband is now defined as “a man to whom someone is married” and wife is “a woman to whom someone is married”.

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