Bill Maher In Surprising Interview With Charlie Rose About Reality Of Muslim Faith

Bill Hitchcock September 12, 2014 0
Bill Maher In Surprising Interview With Charlie Rose About Reality Of Muslim Faith

In a very surprising interview with Charlie Rose, Bill Maher gives a very accurate description of the Muslim faith and the violence and bigotry inherent in the Koran. Charlie rose does everything within his power to dispute Maher’s claims but fails each time to the facts that Bill Maher states. Watch this fascinating clip from the Charlie Rose program. Please keep in mind as you view this video that both Rose and Maher are both atheists.

Bill Maher Interview with Charlie Rose

From You Tube about Bill Maher:

Bill Maher appeared on the Charlie Rose and explains to him that Christianity is not as bad as Islam. Maher explains that Islam is the WORSE religion in the world and there is no moral equivalence between the teachings of Islamic doctrine and the teachings of Christian doctrine.

Charlie Rose is a Liberal atheist and believes, because he lives in the United States, far away from Muslims, is that Christianity is just as bad as Islam and the Quran, and Maher explains it is not. Maher explains that Pew Polls show that Muslims believe in stoning people for doing zina or having sex outside of marriage, and Moslems believe in killing those who leave Islam or apostasy.

Maher also explains that in Moslem countries women are treated far worse than women in Christian countries. In Islamic countries Muslim women have to wear hijab or burqas to protect themselves from crazed sexually frustrated Muslim men.

Maher also explains that there is religious discrimination towards other religions like against Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and others in Muslim lands. He also says that minor crimes are given harsh punishment in Moslem countries.

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