Belief, faith, trust, love

Bill Hitchcock August 17, 2015 0
Belief, faith, trust, love

Who are we today? Right now this very moment. Who are we and what is our condition, our being, our way of life? What is our relationship with God?


A Harris poll from 2013 found that 74 percent of the US population believed in God. That result was down from 82 percent that believed from just a few years prior. But is that the condition of the majority, a simple belief in God? The devils believe in God too (and tremble) according to James chapter 2. So if the devils can also believe, how many of that 74 percent of the US population that say they believe in God are nothing more than devils?

Belief in God is a result of good reasoning. There is too much fact, history and proof for a rational mind to dismiss the existence of God. But an academic knowledge or belief of God has nothing to do with personal relationship, working power or living spirit of our Lord.

Belief in God is just a first step to a relationship with Him. The second step is faith. We have to believe that God is, that he exists then we must have faith in what he can do and that He will fulfill His promises. The primary promise we must have faith in is His plan of salvation. This includes His son Jesus Christ and belief and faith in His crucifixion, burial, and resurrection. Without belief and faith in Christ we have no religion.

To add to the belief and faith we must step into trust if we ever hope to have a lasting relationship with God. Trust comes when we are willing to give up our self and to place our life explicitly in the hands of God. It is to realize that God is supreme and knows best. There is no greater display of trust than entrusting your life in another’s hands. This we must do with God.

Only when we believe in God, have faith in what he says and can do and place our lives in His control can we develop a loving relationship with God. Belief, faith and trust take time. It also usually involves painful life experiences as well. But to give belief, faith and trust and to receive them back fulfilled and strengthened is God’s love returned.

Belief, faith, trust and love are the components to our relationship with God. Attributes and characteristics resulting from this relationship include peace, joy, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith and forbearance. Who we are, our condition and our way of life is radically different from those who simply believe in God. These attributes will be self-evident.

Who are we today? Are we someone like the majority of Americans who believe in God? Or are we of the minority of folks who have a working, living, breathing life experience with the Father, the son and the Holy Ghost?

Bill Hitchcock

Refining Truth

Belief, faith, trust, love


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