Bank Teller Fired For Saying “Have a Blessed day”

Bill Hitchcock July 7, 2014 0
Bank Teller Fired For Saying “Have a Blessed day”

Saying, “Have a blessed day” got one Kentucky woman fired from the bank she worked at. Polly Neace, a bank teller at U.S. Bank claims her job was terminated for saying something she says every day.

Bank teller says she was fired for saying ‘Have a blessed day’


A Kentucky woman claims saying the phrase “Have a blessed day” to customers got her fired from her bank teller job.

Polly Neace, a bank teller from Kentucky, doesn’t just go to church on Sundays. She said she lives her beliefs every day. And so, Monday through Friday, when she was working as a teller at a U.S. Bank in Walton, Kentucky, she would say the same thing to every bank customer she came in contact with.

“I say, ‘Have a blessed day,’ all of the time,” Neace said. “All of the time. I don’t feel there’s any better kind of day you can have than a blessed day.”

The phrase didn’t appear to be an issue at first. Customers would simply thank Neace when she first began saying it.

Neace received a code of ethics violation in March 2011, claiming that several customers complained about her using the phrase.

Neace claims customers never complained, though.

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