Atheist Stop NC High School Football Coach From Praying With Team

Bill Hitchcock February 1, 2014 0
Atheist Stop NC High School Football Coach From Praying With Team

North Carolina Football Coach Ordered to Cease Leading Team Prayers Following Atheist Complaint

Heather Clark/Christian News Network

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – A high school football coach in North Carolina has been ordered to cease leading his team in prayers following a complaint by a prominent atheist activist organization.

Officials with the Mooresville Graded School District recently told Mooresville High School football coach Hal Capps to stop leading the Blue Devils in prayer, and Capps has agreed to discontinue to the practice.

prayers football The Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) had contacted the district last fall after learning of Capps’ practice and asserted that the prayers were unlawful. According to reports, a parent of a student had complained to the organization, stating that they did not like promoting religion.

“It is a violation of the Constitution for the Mooresville High School football coach to organize, lead, or participate in prayers or other religious proselytizing before, during, or after games and practices,” FFRF Patrick Elliott wrote to District Attorney Kevin Donaldson. “It is well settled that public schools, and by extension public school officials, may not advance or promote religion.”

Superintendent Mark Edwards told the Charlotte Observer this week that he approached Capps following the football season and told him to discontinue praying with the team, advising that it was a violation of the separation of church and state.

“He said he understood,” Edwards stated.

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