Anti-religious and Christian Persecution Up 400 Percent

Bill Hitchcock September 29, 2015 0
Anti-religious and Christian Persecution Up 400 Percent

There is a growing fear amongst the Christian faith. Anti-religious law suits and Christian persecution has risen some 400 percent “since the Supreme Court‘s gay marriage decision.”

Anti-religious intolerance and Christian fear are surging

Conservative law firm reports 400% rise in help requests from Christian groups

The Christians

Liberty Institute, a conservative law firm, said that religious persecution has been growing in the US, as seen in increasing instances of attacks on practice of Christian faith.

The group publishes an annual survey reporting the acts of religious hostilities around the country, and found an astounding 133 percent rise in communal intolerance over the past two years. After the US Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriages, the institute saw an even sharper surge in discrimination, which has led to a 400 percent spike in requests for legal assistance in such grievances. –

“At Liberty Institute we have seen our requests for legal help go up 400 percent just since the Supreme Court‘s gay marriage decision,” Jeff Mateer, General Counsel at the law firm, told the congregants at the Values Voters Summit in Washington on Saturday. He said that prior to the court’s decision, there used to be just about 15 requests in a week, but afterwards, the average number of law suits grew to about 60-75.

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