Americans Do Not Think USA Is Christian Anymore

Bill Hitchcock August 1, 2015 0
Americans Do Not Think USA Is Christian Anymore

The American idea and ideal has shifted. Today, most Americans do not believe that the USA is a Christian nation, this according to a recent survey performed by the Public Religion Research Institute.

Most Americans don’t believe the US is a Christian nation

Carey Lodge/ Christian Today

The majority of Americans believe that faith in God is an important component of being a true American, but that the US is not a Christian nation, a new study has found.

Data compiled by the Public Religion Research Institute found that 69 per cent of Americans agreed with the statement that a belief in God is an “important part of being truly American”. This view was more popular among older people, held by 77 per cent of seniors in comparison to 52 per cent of young adults.

The view was more widely held among Republicans (81 per cent) than Democrats (63 per cent).

More than half (53 per cent) of those asked said that being a Christian is an important part of being truly American, a figure that rose to 75 per cent of white evangelical Protestants and 55 per cent of Catholics. Two-thirds of those who don’t identify with any religion said that Christian identity is not important.

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