Americans Believe In God, Devil Not so Much

Bill Hitchcock October 29, 2013 0
Americans Believe In God, Devil Not so Much

YouGov just released research showing that 76 percent of Americans believe in God. 38 percent of the people in America claim they have done something that God has told them to do.

Who Believes In God and Does What He Says?

YouGov, a private research and consulting organization says, “The group most likely to have acted on God’s command are ‘born-again’ or evangelical Christians, who make up about a third of Americans. Almost two-thirds (65%) of born-again Christians say God has told them to do something at least once before. Only a quarter (25%) of the remaining population have ever had the same experience.”

The research shows the demographic with the highest probability of acting upon what God has told them to do are Protestant, southern and Republican. The least likely are male, politically independent and live in the Northeast.

god devil believeBelief In Devil Down

In September of this year YouGov surveyed 1,000 people and asked them, “Do you personally believe in the existence of the Devil or not?” 57 percent of the respondents answered yes, 28 percent answered no with the remaining 15 percent saying they didn’t know.
When asked if they believed in demonic possession a little more than half said yes. When asked how often they thought demonic possession occurred 46 percent of the people said rarely while 11 percent said never.

It is interesting to note that 76 percent believe in God but only 57 percent believe in the Devil. The almost 20 percent gap between beliefs is confusing if not troubling. This may suggest that people believe in a good God but not a bad Devil. If so, does this suggest that people do not believe in a consequence for sin? Post your thoughts and opinions below.

Read the complete study by YouGov

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