Abortion Targeting Black America

Bill Hitchcock December 7, 2013 0
Abortion Targeting Black America

Abortion is the number one killer of Blacks in America. This shocking truth is being brought to light by a Pastor. His message is love, a message he has been arrested for. His purpose is to save both literally and spiritually. Christians, African Americans and Pro-life advocates need to hear his pro-life message.

Pastor Walter Hoye is a minister in Oakland, CA. who was so effective with his pro-life message outside of abortion clinics that Oakland passed an ordinance to ban him and his message. Helping woman to keep their babies and offering tangible help garnered him imprisonment.

“When women came to speak to him on that sidewalk, he said, they asked him three questions: firstly, “Is it true God loves me,” secondly, “Is it true that God loves me and my baby?” and finally, “If it’s true that God loves me and that God loves my baby, will you help me?”

“And she’s talking about tangible, physical help,” added Walter, who said he would have drained his church “dry” to provide physical support for the women he met outside the clinic.” H/T Life Site News.

Pastor Hoye’s arrest for ministering to women outside of an abortion clinic was “soundly overturned”.

“On appeal, his conviction was soundly overturned for a variety of prejudicial errors at the trial. The People of the State of California v. Walter Hoye, 188 Cal. App. 4th Supp. 1 (August 25, 2010). For example, the trial judge had refused to give a unanimity instruction, so that there was no indication of whether the jurors all agreed as to which actions violated the ordinance. The judge further refused to define “approach” in its legal context, despite a request by the jury that he do so. The jury thus lacked a correct understanding of conduct the ordinance did not forbid.” H/T Life Legal Defense Foundation.

Abortion Number One Cause of Death in Black Community

“Abortion is the number one cause of death in the African American community,” Hoye’s wife Lorie said. “We lose over half a million lives in our community to abortion every year. If you combine cancer, heart disease, AIDS, diabetes, and any kind of violent crime, add them all up together, they don’t come even close to the lives we lose to abortion.”

abortion black americaBlack Pastors are Post-Abortion.

Probably the most insidious and difficult to overcome, Hoye said, is that most black pastors are post-abortion.

“The brothers are blood guilty,” he said. “There’s an abortion in their life somewhere. It’s their mama, it’s their wife, it may be their son, it may be their daughter. It may be a member of their congregation who they wrote the check for, or even drove to the clinic.”

Even though they may understand the Biblical arguments against abortion, when Planned Parenthood comes into their community and tells them that the unborn baby isn’t a child but a “choice,” a black pastor “embraces all that because it allows him to sleep at night,” Walter said. “He needs to be healed.”

“Until we build a modern Underground Railroad, I’m concerned that we’re going to still have the same problems we have now, and what motivates me and my wife is that the numbers against us are huge,” he said. “We don’t have 40 more years. At the rate we’re aborting our children, we don’t have 40 more.”

Please read the article, “The pro-life movement ignores the black community at its peril: jailed black pastor” published by Life Site News. This is very powerful and informative news piece highlighting the devastating effects of abortion that apparently targets Blacks in America.

According to the National Black Profile Coalition: Walter B. Hoye II is as both President and Founder of the Issues4life Foundation and the California Civil Rights Foundation. The premature birth (six months, 2.1 pounds) of his son taught him that the fetus is a person, a living, breathing human being. As a young man Walter played football at Michigan State University where he graduated with a master’s degree in sociology in 1980. In 1983 he graduated from the United States International University, now Alliant International University, with a master’s degree in business administration.

“Walter embodies the Martin Luther King, Jr. legacy, standing up for the least of these, the vulnerable? mothers and their babies.” — Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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