Abide With God But Mingle With the People

Bill Hitchcock August 26, 2015 0
Abide With God But Mingle With the People

“Brethren, let every man, wherein he is called, therein abide with God.” (1 Corinthians 7:24)

Most people think of a calling as a call to become a minister or a preacher. That the ministry is to be their occupation not realizing that God needs ministers in every vocation and occupation that exist. Your calling, occupation wise maybe to become an engineer, an electrician, doctor, lawyer, plumber, whatever job it may be. But you are to always abide with God regardless of what you do.


The best preaching and teaching comes from everyday people who live their lives in God. These are the people on the front line of life who can have the greatest impact on all the people around them. No, you may not have a pulpit and hundreds of people to preach to. But you just might be just as effective if not more so at touching lives, communicating the Holy Spirit and spreading the word of God.

Jesus led by example. We are supposed to as well in our daily lives.

In Cicero’s essay “On Friendship” he wrote, “Esse quam videri” which means, “To be, rather than to seem (to be)”. That’s what God needs in every occupation, vocation and walk in life. God needs real Christians, not in name only but real spirit filled ministers of God walking through life with the life of Jesus Christ inside of them. More would be accomplished this way than by adding ministers of the pulpit. We need more ministers in public.

Abide with God! Be, rather than to seem to be. And watch the people around you change.

Bill Hitchcock

Refining Truth

Abide With God But Mingle With the People

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